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Yogi's have known about the healing power of the breath for thousands of years. Breathing techniques can improve physical and emotional well being and help us connect to our deeper selves


Using a Conscious Connected Breath (CCB), which means to inhale and exhale without pause, often in combination with breath retention we can induce an altered state of mind which allows our conscious mind to quieten and we enter a deep meditative state


With regular Breathwork practice we can become more mindful of our thoughts, enabling us to respond to the outside world rather than react to it


Another intention behind this practice is to exert an internal stressor in a relaxed, controlled manner to build our resilience to external stressors in our daily lives


This pattern of breathing can also stimulate memories which keep us attached to our past, allowing them to safely resurface, breathe through them, change our response to them and emerge calmer and clearer

CCB can be used to:

  • Release tension, stress and anxiety and alleviate depression

  • Improve sleep

  • Ease respiratory conditions

  • Boost the immune system

  • Nourish the body and invoke deep relaxation and meditation

  • Release trapped emotions

  • Connect us to a sense of true happiness

  • Develop a new depth to your Yoga/and or spiritual practice

Please inform me if you:

  • Have a history of Bipolar or Schizophrenia

  • Are taking Antipsychotics

  • Are Epileptic, have heart conditions or extremes of blood pressure

  • Have early or delicate pregnancy

*This does not imply you cannot do the Breathwork, we may need to adjust the technique or gain Doctor consent

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I teach an Iyengar inspired method interspersed with general strength and mobility techniques


I am passionate about building functionally strong bodies regardless of any perceived limitations and encouraging regular basic movements into our daily lives

Small group classes means attention is given to every person so each pose is accessible. However one on one tuition is available should you wish a fully personal approach to focus on specific areas of your body or safely work around an injury


Yoga however is more than physical Asana. I use elements of breath practice and mediation to connect body, mind, emotions and spirit to achieve perfect harmony within; to allow us become better at life!