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Conscious connected Breathwork

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

" If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath" Amit Ray

Are you stressed, anxious, struggling to focus, feeling a little trapped by past events? This simple, yet powerful gift we have within us; our breath could solve your problems!

Yogi's have known about the healing power of the breath for thousands of years. Breathing techniques can improve physical and emotional well-being and help us connect to our deeper selves. In everyday life we want to breathe lightly, slowly and deeply through our nose. The nose is optimal for breathing as it warms and filters the air and releases nitrous oxide which is a vasodilator and can improve oxygen circulation in our bodies. However, during a conscious connected Breathwork session we intentionally breathe deeply through our mouth, continuously without pause in a controlled ‘hyperventilated’ manner. In this way we take in more oxygen and lower our carbon dioxide levels, so we become more alkaline. This slows down a structure in the brain called the default mode network, which is associated with our ego and our habitual way of thinking. Breathwork allows us to relax our obsessive, thinking mind allowing us to calm and break free from habitual thought patterns. It gives our brains space to explore more unconscious material, like forgotten or suppressed memories. During a breathwork session our subconscious mind often allows these memories to surface, which gives us opportunity to process and release them in a safe space. When Breathwork is done regularly it strengthens neuro pathways to our subconscious. Breathwork then becomes a powerful tool, to free us from our egoic mind, enabling us to become a calmer, more balanced individual. It gives us the power to respond to the outside world rather than react to it. Another intention behind this practice is to exert an internal stressor in a relaxed, controlled manner to build our resilience to external stressors in our daily lives. Scientific research is limited around Breathwork as there is little money to be made in regards to the breath! We all have access to this amazing gift within us……..lets embrace it and use its healing and nurturing properties

Conscious connected breath can be used to:

· Release tension, stress and anxiety and alleviate depression

· Improve sleep

· Ease respiratory conditions

· Boost the immune system

· Nourish the body and invoke deep relaxation and meditation

· Release trapped emotions

· Connect us to a sense of true happiness

· Develop a new depth to your Yoga/and or spiritual practice

Sessions are approximately one hour in length, actively breathing for around 30 mins, followed by a long, deep relaxation to absorb and integrate. After the Breathwork time is given to share the experience, it’s not compulsory but is encouraged. Often when we speak and share our truth we gain a great release and this can impact others in the group, enabling them to open up, share and release too. You can find an introduction to conscious connected breath on Insight Timer under Leigh Elson.

A daily Breathwork practice and a regular deep cathartic breath session has helped me to let go of anxieties, deal with past traumas and allows me to be a more balanced, calmer person in my everyday life. My goal is to empower you! We all have the ability to heal ourselves physically and mentally. I am passionate about helping you build a strong healthy body and mind, within a friendly, supportive community.

Come join my Breathwork tribe. Group and one on sessions available, both in person at my studio and online.

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