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How a move to Singapore sort of helped me find happiness.................🙃

I was never at all sure about moving to Singapore. So many people told me ‘it’s an amazing place to live, life is easy and there is so much to do’.

However, I love a sense of space and freedom, I love fresh sea air, I love crisp winter mornings and I love the peace and quiet of being in the countryside or having a beach to myself. Singapore is none of these.

Looking back on my early days in Singapore I had huge resistance. I didn’t want to leave the amazing life I’d had in Australia, my wonderful friends, my great job, beautiful beaches and outback, I felt settled. Initially I found little in Singapore of interest, life seemed to revolve around shopping and eating. I struggled to make friends. I felt I had no purpose. I felt like I was living in Groundhog Day. I constantly heard myself complaining and lost enthusiasm to find friends and things to do.

Then, during a 2-week trip to the UK during the initial stages of Covid we were refused entry back to Singapore. A 2-week trip turned into an 18.5-week nightmare........

I loved being ‘stuck’ in England, being locked down with my very old school friend and her family, reminiscing and playing games. Surrounded by amazing coastline where I could walk alone with my thoughts for hours. Spending time with family as soon as restrictions were lifted. However, I was ‘stuck’ away from my fur babies and for those that don’t know me, my dogs are the most important things in my life, even my husband knows he comes 2nd place! I hated the fact that the Singapore government decided if and when I would ever be reunited with my dogs and that killed me inside. Mentally I struggled so badly, I felt depressed and could cry for hours at a time. I was anxious about my fur babies. Despite the fact they were being very well cared for, I’m their Mum and I need them as much as I feel they need me. Our return applications to Singapore constantly got rejected and I truly hit rock bottom.

It’s at this point I remembered the power of Breathwork and started practicing a few rounds of conscious connected Breathwork each morning. I also started researching the power of cold water immersion and started taking daily cold showers. These practices finally allowed me to feel like I could face the day and I suddenly started to feel much more positive. I began to feel grateful for having the time completely for myself and set myself a daily routine of Breathwork, meditation, Yoga and handstand practice. Followed by a cold shower to give me the mental strength to leave the house and seek fresh air and walk along the beautiful coastline. I took this time to contemplate my life and started to appreciate what a lucky position I was in in Singapore. I promised to be grateful for each and every day if I could just get back to by fur babies.

Eventually my prayers were answered. I returned to the warmest welcome from my dogs. I quit my job as an Oral Health Therapist lecturer. I enrolled in a Breathwork course and set up a Yoga and Breathwork business. Most importantly I did a lot of inner work and started to change my outlook to the world. I began to be more mindful, reminding myself constantly to be as present as possible instead of living in the past (which links to depression) or the future (which links to anxiety). I started to see joy in the simplest of things and practiced daily gratitude and I finally realised all I needed to be happy and at peace was within me. Since this realisation I have attracted numerous wonderful people, who exude kindness and joy. People who work at being happy and peaceful from the inside. I found my Singapore family and because of them I realised it doesn’t matter where I am in the World it’s all to do with what’s happening within and how we show up for ourselves and for others. This is how we can all be happy whatever our circumstances.

Breathwork, Yoga and cold water immersion are such powerful practices to alleviate anxiety and depression, if any of this resonates, please reach out 🤗

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